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Apocalipstick Blues

by Efa Supertramp

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Bwrw 04:11
BWRW [English translation below] Mae’n bwrw glaw, yn sobor iawn Mae’n nghalon i’n wag a mhen i’n llawn Meddyliau tywyll sy’n rheoli heddiw Pa mor hir tan dwi di meddwi Dwi di bod yn sgwennu barddoniaeth Efo’m mhen ym mowlen y toiled Salwch meddwl, poen corffrol O leiaf mae pob dydd yn ddiddorol Achos ti wedi diflasu, tra dwi yn methu gwersi Amser di diflanu, tra mae bywyd yn dal fyny. CHORUS Dududududududududududuuu X2 Mae’n bwrw glaw / Mae’n stido bwrw Taranau mawr / Lot o Dwrw Mae’n tresio bwrw / Mae’n twallt hi lawr Dwi mor isel / Dwi’n suddo dan y llawr Anghofio fy mhwrpas / a chwalu fy mhen Gyra fi i’r diafol ‘chos dwi’n byw trwy uffern. Mae’n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn Cymylau du sy’n crogi ni fan hyn Obsesiwn fo’r gorffennol sy’n dychryn y dyfodol O ni’n casau rheolau a’r bygythiad yn yr ysgol Un tro oedd genai fraeddwyd, mae’n rhaid oedd o’m yn bwysig ‘Chos dwi di anghofio efo’r gwenwyn yn y ffisig Taflu’r dydd I ffwrdd, yn taflu fyny wastio amser, wastio mywyd, yda chi di syny? CHORUS Os fyswn i di marw yn ddau ddeg saith O leiaf swni’m yn gorfod poeni am gwaith Rownd a rownd yn annobiethiol Dyma hunllef y dosbarth gweithiol. CHORUS _______________ RAINING It’s raining rain, very heavily My heart is empty and my head is full Dark thoughts rule today How long until I'm drunk again I've been writing poetry With my head in the toilet bowl Mental illness, physical pain At least every day is interesting Coz you are bored, while I miss lessons Time disappears, while life catches up. CHORUS Dudududududududududududuuu X2 It's raining rain / It’s thrashing it down Big thunder / A lot of noise It’s raining at maximum intensity / It’s bucketing down I'm so low / I'm sinking under the floor Forgetting my purpose / and destroying my mind Take me to the devil coz I’m living through hell. It’s raining old wives and sticks It’s the black clouds that choke us ‘round here It's an obsession with the past that’s scareing the future I hated the rules and threats at school One time I had a dream, but it can’t have been important Because I forgot due to the poison in the medicine Throwing the day away, throwing up wasting my time, wasting my life, are you even surprised? CHORUS If I had died when I was twenty seven At least I wouldn’t have to worry about work Round and round, hopelessly This is the nightmare of the working class. CHORUS
Foot Down 04:56
FOOT DOWN You said that you were tired of fighting I said that I was tired of dying inside Let’s run away and leave this place behind Let’s just drive and see what we can find. You said that you were tired of working just to get by That we are born and then we work and then we die. And I couldn’t say that you were wrong, So I pick up my guitar and I will play some songs, yeah Singing for our supper and maybe for some pennies, Tonight is the night, but it’s only one of many. And I said, CHOROS: Turn the stereo up, I’ll put my foot down I’m just hoping that we make it to the next town, I’m driving 50 and the car is shaking If the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear it falling apart. I’m glad you’re on this adventure with me, and I know we haven’t got much money but just think of all the things that we are gunna see People that we’ll meet, who will become our family and maybe we’ll have to abandon our ship But at least we can say that we tried, And I know that it sounds pretty cheesy but it’s not the destination, it’s the glory of the ride and who is silly enough to join you, so here’s to all my friends who quit their jobs or called in sick so we could hit the road with no direction the world is our oyster and this is perfection CHORUS We got no direction, but we’re getting out of here when I’m in your town, let’s meet up and grab a beer I will send you postcards saying I wish you were here Signed by all the punks, the squatters and the queers Coz this is our family and I know it is a bubble but writing three chords songs seems to keep me out of trouble I just pour my heart out and it keeps me kinda sane so to all my friends across the continent I hope we meet again. CHORUS
CIGARETTES AND STAMPS There are no dreams left in this town just aimlessly wondering around and some of us left and some of us stayed some of us grew and some of us decayed but there are no dreams left in this town no dreams left You and I, and I and you and all the the things that we went through the love letters that you sent me with your last pennies all you really needed to stay sane were cigarettes and stamps. You were always a romantic you were always an extremist you were always a romantic and you always stick to your guns. There are not dreams left in this heart I left home and I never went back I was always the outsider I was always too easy going Now the cracks in my plans they are showing and there are no dreams left. I don’t care if you don’t mind, of all the things we left behind We thought we had all the time in the world days of dreaming where our lives could take us While the coffee burnt on the stove but neither of us noticed You were always a romantic I was always too easy going You always stuck to your guns I always went with the flow. Flow-oh-oh-oh-oh (x4) I never was a perfectionist Never any good at making concrete plans I was never one for working things out I follow my fleeting heart, my head so full of doubt Move on, carry on, there ain’t no such thing as the one (x2) There are no regrets in this heart I tried my best, though not very hard I never had ambition I never came to fruition There are no dreams left in this city and everyone is vacuous and pretty some of us leave and some us stay some of us grow and some of us decay but there are no dreams left in this heart no dreams left.
How Far? 04:14
HOW FAR? Tell me what are you fighting for? What are you willing to die for? How far are we going to go, to get the world that we dream of? Are we just talking the talk? Or are we ready to walk the walk? I’m ready to walk with you I’m ready to fight with you. [Whistle] If it was easy they wouldn’t call this a struggle And every day of this life led us to this battle Are we ready to sacrifice? They might take your job, your freedom, your life. Some of our friends already died for this. Many burn out and others are sent down I’ve got your back, if you’ve got mine I’m ready to struggle with you.   [Whistle] Revolution’s not as beautiful as the songs they sung It’s not as easy as the films made it seem It’s a lot of hardwork and it could get bloody So stick together, stay strong and know that things can change The world we dream of, we may never see All that we can know is that we worked on the foundations We worked hard to leave this place better than we found it I’m ready to work with you. [Whistle] I haven’t read enough history books. And I don’t know how to shoot a gun. But I know that there are many ways to keep a movement moving and we all got our own shit to learn. But if I’m next to go don’t cry just kick up a fuss And say you can kill the dreamers but this is bigger than us and we see our oppressions are all connected I’m ready to stand alongside you I’m ready to fight with you X2
TREASURE HUNT (For Ellie) The amphetamines were strong sometimes I could tell by the speed that she spoke Trying to keep up with her words and ideas Like a rollercoaster going round and round Among the rubbish and the flowers it was Ellie She was a muse for many We’d walk the streets, drunk and laughing I’d say I’ve got work in the morning CHORUS: Looking for treasure These streets are paved with gold We’re bound to find some treasure But we’re haunted by memories old For every pain, we’ll still find a smile But for a hint of justice we’ll be waiting a while. At midnight when her jiro came through It was a late night hike to the hole in the wall A packet of fags and a bottle of vodka On the way back searching through trash for treasure 3am on a Wednesday morning, have another drink – make it a double? A fly-tipped beauty in a soggy puddle How could we resist this cute vandalism? CHORUS Gwarth ar y teulu [A shame on the family] Ond da ni ddim yn poeni [But we don't care] Ar strydoedd Caerdydd [On Cardiff's street] Mi oedda ni yn rhydd [We were free] Going to Besmer Road carboot sale with a trolley full of tatted shite you made enough money to buy us a fry up a cup of tea, and maybe a pint or at least a big bottle of White Lightning for us all to share round. The hangovers faded but the memories didn’t and now you are gone and the years they are flying what I would do for just one more adventure with you what I would do for just one more drink with you. You were never meant to die. I guess none of us are meant to live either. Coz our destinies are not written in the stars but I’m glad I got to spend some time in this realm with you – your creative chaos lives on in us as we stick your art up on the street we’ll drink cider in your memory when we all meet we’ll bash the cans together and say “Iechyd Da, mae bywyd yn fyr.. Iechyd da, mae bywyd yn fyr”. [Cheers/Good Health, life is short]
APOCALYPTIC LOVE SONG [Intro – Narrator] It’s the year 2035 and this is humanity’s last stand. After the centuries of war and the desecration of nature that came to be known as the second dark age – the planet finally took its violent revenge. No longer would the power lie in the hands of a few aging white men, the brutal capitalist system would be no more. Hidden amongst the chaos and wreckage there are moments of beauty. We join the story as two star-crossed lovers stand upon a hill, overlooking what used to be known as London… ____________________ We’ll stand around the campfire singing dystopic songs And someone will interrupt us and tell us that we’re doing it wrong. They’ll ask “What’s the point of love, if the world is gunna end?” and I’ll say “They make me feel safe, and they are my best friend” And we’ll kiss in the ashes of this burning city We haven’t washed for weeks but boy you look so pretty We’ll dance on the rubble of the collapsed high-rises At least we no longer have to worry about the rising prices. CHORUS: I got a feeling this one is for me and you (x3) I got a feeling this apocalypse is just for us. What are the chances that I would be alive At the exact same time as the end of humanity They say there’s more people alive now than ever in history So I guess that’s actually quite a high probability We watched the world burning through our phone screens Saw people suffering and dying on a live stream to our comfy homes, until it caught up with us but we were too distracted to disobey or make a fuss. CHORUS I guess it makes it easier to die if you can laugh about it And you always make me laugh so I guess we should stick together plus your quite resourceful from all those years of squatting They thought we were wasting out lives, but hey! Look at us now! We know how to grow food and we know how to brew beer The world is finally ending and we don’t have to pay for anything and we can repurpose almost any piece of wood some would call this suffering, I’d say we’ve never had it so good. CHORUS
Llygru 04:08
LLYGRU [English translation below] Mae’r cyffro wedi troi yn ddiflas Y rhyddid wedi gadael blas cas Dwi’m isho bod yn fyw Ond dwi ddim isho marw Dwi’m isho bod yn unig Ond gad fi lonydd. Dwi isho mynd adra Ond dwi’m yn siwr lle di adra Yn colli darnau o fy mamiaith Ond methu rili siarad Saesneg yn iawn chwaith Mae’r ddinas wedi dwyn fy enaid Mae’r arian ‘di llygru dy galon Yn casglu ceiniogau i trio dal y fraeddwyd ond dal i gysgu trwy’r dyddiau hefyd. BRIDGE Hunaniaeth Colli geiriau, colli hanes Dibyniaeth Colli’n meddwl a neud llanast. CHORUS Gad i’r mynyddoedd glywed fi’n gwaeddi Gad i’r môr helpu fi feddwi Mae’r gwin wedi stopio gweithio Y gwyrdd yn gyrru ni’n wallgo Dwi’n gwbod dwi’n rhydd yn uchel i fyny Achos does neb yn fy nghlywed i’n gwaeddi. Yn mynd i fwy o angladdau nac i briodasau byw bywyd ar yr ymyl ffrindiau’n marw’n ifanc Dim diolch, dim diogelwch a da ni ‘di disgyn mewn cariad efo peidio bod yn ffyddlon a’r rhyddid o fyw ddydd i ddydd BRIDGE + CHORUS Dwi’m isho mynd adra Rhag ofn i fi ddiflanu mewn i dwnel o arferion neu cariad heb angerdd mae’n haws dilyn fy nhrwyn heb feddwl am anelu Jini Me o ni yn yr ysgol feithrin cambyhafio yw fy swydd llawn amser. BRIDGE + CHORUS _____________________ CONTAMINATE The excitement has turned boring Freedom has left a nasty taste I don’t want to be alive But I don't want to die I don’t want to be lonely But leave me alone. I want to go home But I'm not sure where that is I’m losing bits of my mother tongue but I can't really speak English properly either The city has stolen my soul The money contaminated your heart Collecting pennies to try and catch the dream but still sleeping through the days as well. BRIDGE Identity Losing words, losing history Dependency Lose my mind and make a mess. CHORUS Let the mountains hear me shouting Let the sea get me drunk The wine has stopped working Green just drives us crazy I know I'm free when I’m high up Because no one hears me shouting. I go to more funerals Than weddings Live life on the edge Our friends die young No thanks, no security and we have fallen in love with not having to be loyal and the freedom of living day to day. BRIDGE + CHORUS I don’t want to go home In case I disappear Into a tunnel of habits or a love without passion It's easier to follow my nose without thinking of aiming I was Jini Me in nursery school; misbehaving is my full time job.
Illegal 05:31
ILLEGAL No human is illegal, no human is illegal But your policies, they should be, They’re drowning by the thousands In the Mediterranean sea. They say it’s all relative, it just depends how you look at it So I’m trying to turn my head around But we’re taking our kids on holiday And they’re taking their kids away So the only thing that’s relative in this situation is.. LETS TEAR THESE BORDERS DOWN We’re all going on a summer holiday Where shall we go this year, my dear? The south of France, Spain or Italy? I just can’t wait to be lying on that beach The turquoise seas, the golden sands Feel my problems all float away It’s been a stressful year at my nine to five But here I am, I’m still alive. They say it’s all relative, but they stop the boats from saving them and if they succeed they block the ports. Here I am relaxing in the sun in a foreign land it haunts me there are souls forgotten in this sand The ocean is a graveyard, and people they still drown So what we need to do is bring these borders down. From all around the world, Europe stole it’s wealth And then we built a fortress, to try and keep it for ourselves The real enemies are writing the mass media, peddling lies to keep us divided. But ‘refugees welcome’ means more than just a tshirt it’s volunteers breaking laws to save lives. no borders, no nations, let’s stop deportations coz there is no justice while it’s death or vacation. The dingys have already sunk The flights they have already flown Lives that were never lived Names that we’ll never know. They say it’s all relative, but it’s sponsored fascists in government and we’re the ones that benefit just coz of where we’re born we said “never again!” but we seemed to miss the start hostility’s been building, lives already ripped apart. So the only thing that’s relative in this situation is LETS BURN THESE BORDERS DOWN FUCK ICE. FUCK FRONTEX. FUCK UKBA. FUCK THE BORDERS. Freedom of movement is more than just a dream people have always moved, it’s how it’s always been there were no lines on this earth when it was born and when we’re done with is, again they’ll be no more.
RHOSYN ROJAVA (rhan 1) Mae dy syniadau chwyldroadol Yn annwyl I mi Gad ni ladd y gwryw gormesol Ynom ni Ni yw y perygl A ni yw y gobaith Ac er mwyn adeiladu gwell Anhreg yw’r feiriniadaeth Ni yw y gelyn A ni yw y chwyldro A chwyldro yw newid Ynom ni mae’r goriad a’r clo Edrych yn dy galon / a gweld sud ti’n wahanol Mae nhw di dysgu ni i gystadlu / yn y gymdeithas gyfalafol Gwlad, Gwlad Amheugar wyf o’m gwlad (x 2) Er dwi’n coelio mewn annibyniaeth Ag yn yr hawl I gadw ein hunaniaeth Does dim siawns o berswadio cyfalafiaeth I beidio ehangu a tyfu tu allan I Gymru Dim mwy na mae siawns o berswadio ni I stopio anadlu neu brwydro am ein rhyddid Gwlad, Gwlad Gobeithiol wyf o’m gwlad (x 2) Ond dydi creu ffiniau newydd Ddim am atal y llifogydd Mae’r blaned yn llosgi, mae pawb yn tagu Ond mae’r syniadau ‘ma yn gryf yn ein calonau. Gwlad, Gwlad Pleidiol wyf I’m gwlad Rhyddid, rhyddid Ymlaen awn ni I’r gad. ---------------------- (The repeating bit that goes “Gwlad, gwlad” is a play on words/tune of the Welsh National Anthem. It sounds weird in English, to repeat “country” when it’s such an imperial thing for a dominant country like Britain. Hope that gives it more context. This song (part 1 and 2) is essentialy about looking at revolutionary ideas that come from Rojava in Kurdistan, and using them to inspire the Welsh independence movement. I am supportive of the Welsh independence movement, because we need to leave Westminster rule behind – however, that is not the end goal, or my main goal – anti-capitalism is much more important for the future of the planet and all repressed cultures across the world.) ROJAVA’S ROSE (part 1) Your revolutionary idea, are dear to me Lets kill the oppressive male that lives in each of us We are the danger And we are the hope And for the sake of building better Criticism is a gift We are the enemy And we are the revolution And revolution is change In us lies both the key and the lock Look in your heart / and see if you are different They have taught us to compete / in this capitalist society Country, Country I am suspicious of my country (x 2) Although I believe in (Welsh) independence and in the right for us to keep our identity There is no chance of persuading capitalism Not to expand and grow outside Wales No more than there is a chance to persuade us To stop breathing or to stop fight for our freedom Country, Country I'm hopeful of my country (x 2) But it's not about creating new boundaries Not wanting to stop the flood The planet is burning, everyone is choking But these ideas are strong in our hearts. Country, Country I'm a partisan country Freedom, freedom We go on to battle.
RHOSYN ROJAVA (Rhan 2) Rhosyn Rojava’n atgoffa ni Pa mor brydferth fysa’r byd os ‘sa ni’n rhydd Heb y difrod ecolegol Heb y system batriarchaidd Mae gena i obaith Fod Y dyfodol ar ei ffordd ‘Da ni dal I blanu hadau am yfory Dwi dal i goelio yn y harddwch yn y byd ‘ma. CHORUS Rhosyn Brydferth yn byw ar bigau’r drain Rhosyn Rojava yn ymladd ac arwain A Coch yw y gwaed sy’n llifo, Coch yw y seren ar y fflag sydd yn fflio Dros ryddid gollasant eu gwaed Ond mae’r fraeddwyd yn dal I symyd yn ei flaen. Tra bod dyn yn domineiddio dros y ferch A tra bod yr hyn yn meddwl fod nhw’n gwybod gwell A tra bod un ras neu crefydd Yn mwy pwerus a gorthrymu y rest Does dim gobaith am heddwch neu am wella Mae angen balans mewn natur A syniadau newydd i adeiladu Iwtopia; Cymru fach – braeddwydion mawr Rhaid edrych yn bellach na’r ffin i guro’r cawr. We didn’t want to put up a fence But in a violent world we needed self-defence And a flower only blooms in the right conditions And these fascists they are full of cruel restrictions. Ni Yw Y Gelyn / Ni Yw y Chwyldro A chwyldro ydi newidd / ynom ni mae’r goriad a’r clo. __________________________ This song (part 1 and 2) is essentialy about looking at revolutionary ideas that come from Rojava in Kurdistan, and using them to inspire the Welsh independence movement. I am supportive of the Welsh independence movement, because we need to leave Westminster rule behind – however, that is not the end goal, or my main goal – anti-capitalism is much more important for the future of the planet and all repressed cultures across the world. Rojava’s rose reminds us How beautiful the world could be if we were free Without the ecological damage Without the patriarchal system I have hope That the future is still on its way We still plant seeds for tomorrow I still believe in the beauty in this world. CHORUS Beautiful Rose, living in suspense Rojava’s rose fighting and leading us Red is the blood that was spilt, Red is the star on the flag they fly, For freedom they lost their blood But the dream is still moving forward. While men dominate over women And while those older think that they know better And while there is one race or religion More powerful, which oppresses the rest There is no hope for peace or healing Balance is needed in nature We need new ideas to build Utopia; Small Wales - big dreams We need to look beyond the border to beat the giant. We didn’t want to put up a fence But in a violent world we needed self-defence And a flower only blooms in the right conditions And these fascists they are full of cruel restrictions. We Are The Enemy / We Are the Revolution And revolution is change / in us lies both the key and the lock.
Pili Pala 03:00
PILI PALA Ti fel Pili Pala Dwi’n gadael i chdi fynd Achos ti angen tyfu A nei di’m tyfu yma ‘fo fi Agor dy adenydd Hedfan lle ti angen Fydd y pentre ‘ma dal yma Os ti isho dod yn ôl. CHORUS Cariad, o cariad Sud all fod yn byr pan mae’n llawn perchnogaeth Cariad, Cariad Y celwydd oedd fod ‘na mond un Cariad, o cariad Gymaint o rheolau a disgwyliadau Cariad, cariad Cariad yw y weithred ti yn neud yn ddyddiol. Ti fel pili pala Yn lliwgar ac yn rhydd Paid meddwl dwy waith ‘Dos I weld y byd Dwi’n dy garu di Ond cariad ydi rhyddid Swni methu byw ‘fo fy hyn Yn gwbod nes i dy ddal di nôl. Dwi fel Pili Pala Diolch i ti am y gofod Mewn bywyd arall Swni dal yn lindys bach Yn sownd ‘na efo chdi Swydd naw tan bump O leiaf dau o blant Ag ella ‘sa ni’n hapus (Ag ella sa ni ddim). ------------- BUTTERFLY You are like a Butterfly and I’m letting you go Because you need to grow And you won’t grow here with me Open your wings Fly where you desire This village will still be here If you want to come back. CHORUS Love, oh love How can it be pure, when it’s full of ownership? Love, Love The lie was that there’s only one Love, oh love So many rules and expectations Love, love Love is the action that you do daily. You are like a butterfly Colorful and free Don't think twice Go to see the world I love you But freedom is love I couldn’t live with myself Knowing that I had held you back. I'm like a Butterfly Thank you for giving me space In another life I’d still be a small caterpillar Stuck there with you A nine to five job At least two children And maybe we’d be happy (But maybe we wouldn’t).
PROSECCO PUNX We asked for bread and roses and they called us champagne socialists, I said we are prosecco punx, So rob another bottle and let’s get pissed in both senses of the word, We’re always angry and often drunk. They call us demanding coz we demand more They try to undermine us, but they’ve never been poor. Just coz we want more, than the shit they give us Don’t mean our dreams are too big to be achieved I know it won’t be easy, but I know that you’re with me And I’m with you, and so is she, and they are too. So, big up to all the ones that always asked for more, A shout out to all the awkward hardcore, The ones that demanded an eight our day, and women’s rights The end of segregation didn’t come without a fight. So.. CHORUS If it feels hard, don’t forget that you are strong Think of those who fought before, who’s shoulders we are standing on We can beat these fascist fuckers - there’s less of them than us, We can beat these rich ass bosses - there’s more of us than them, We will squat their palaces, we will build a bigger table We will rip down all the fences, all the borders, all the walls. And when we look at history, well we see how we benefit From the pilage and the pain, of people out of sight And when we stay informed, the facts are pretty scary, Like how the earth will burn coz we don’t care about it. And how our trans sisters are murdered on the street, And that boy you were in school with, he can’t afford to eat And our anti-racism has to start within ourselves Coz it is systematic and ingrained in this country’s wealth. But.. So turn off the news, And put down that phone, Get out on the streets, Coz you are not alone, Yeah, if your body’s able And you have got the choice We gotta scream ‘til We run out of voice. Coz things don’t change themselves, And we have to be persistent And we have to keep believing coz the change it won’t be instant But on this earth there’s always been the spirit to put up a fight against the ones who stole it all and for what we know is right. So..
The Scars 04:09
THE SCARS It’s hard to dream, when you’re just trying to stay alive It’s hard to live, when you just wanna die But it’s easy to waste this life wasted When there is so much that you don’t want to remember Like all the times they had a head start And then they ask us why we’re so far behind CHORUS SEEMS LIKE YOU’RE VERY WELL FOCUSED SEEMS LIKE YOU HAVE A LOT OF DRIVE SEEMS LIKE YOU HAVE A LOT OF ENERGY TO FOCUS ON MORE THAN JUST SURVIVE They say they’re more gifted, more talented, more beautiful They have it all, they’re such an inspiration We just have the scars Coz it’s a battle to keep living It’s hard to succeed, when you’re just trying to survive It’s hard to keep moving, when barriers are put in the way It’s easy to worry that this life isn’t worth it When there’s so much you wanna forget Coz it’s easier to take risks if you’ve got money behind you then they say you played it safe coz you tried to find stability. You say it all happened for a reason, Your privileged motivational speech They say keep calm and carry on and can you please stop bringing up this shit coz it’s irrelevant to the struggle we’ll work that one out after the revolution But we struggle every single day Like when we walk down the street and don’t feel safe Or another friend confides in us and tells us they were raped [I’m getting too used to hearing this shit] Yeah we struggle every single day We wait all month until it’s pay day And when I check the bank, the money’s all been spent It’s hard to stay focused, when you can’t afford the rent.
STOLEN FLOWERS Well, I thought it was pretty cute when you stole me those flowers from Tesco you said “only anarchists are pretty” and that you’d liberated them for me, you said it was a redistribution of wealth coz we all deserve beauty and I was mesmerized by your words and how they resonated with me. CHORUS: Romance isn’t dead it just cost too much money If I had a car, I would drive you to the sea If I had a home I’d invite you for dinner But all we got is stale bread, fizzy hummus and thirsty flowers In this smelly park where we kill endless hours but we’ve got this moment, we’ve got each other and we don’t believe in forever. We’ll grab the cheapest bottle of wine we can find Watch the sunset, walk the streets ‘til it comes back up keep your time-ticking bomb of a job I’m glad I don’t have work in the morning you can keep your fancy suited dinners I learnt how to cook through Food Not Bombs and I know how to make the best cocktails from too many years at dead end bar jobs. I guess romance can’t really be bought though they wanted us to think that we all needed diamonds the greatest marketing scheme of this world convinced us they needed blood spilt for a symbol of love. So don’t spill no blood for this love and don’t buy me flowers if you know that they’ll die Let’s plant a tree and if it grows strong we can carve our initials in it coz we are writing history and it’s up to us to plant the seeds.
Keep Looking 05:35
KEEP LOOKING They tried to convince us our anger was a youthful lust but the older I get, the more I’m driven to resist and I’ll never understand how punks become conservatives it was never in their hearts, they broke all their promises and I’m not saying that people shouldn’t change coz change is the only constant in my mind but don’t let them tempt you with status and security coz they orchestrated the destruction of our society CHORUS: If in the future, you’re looking for me You’ll probably still find me, looking out to sea so if you walk the coastline and keep your eyes peeled You’ll probably still find me, looking for a better world. Sometimes society is just too cruel Coz we’re taught to be greedy, and the leaders are fools and the only real comfort lies in nature’s truths the darkness and emptiness that crushes you. These mountains were here long before us and the waves keep on crashing without a fuss and the flowers find ways to bloom through the concrete and the storms hurry in to electrify us. When I see friends having kids of their own I see this is bigger than anything we’ve ever known coz nihilism’s easy if you only love yourself but it takes more to think bigger than your health, and your wealth to find a reason to keep fighting through these dark times to find optimism in the stories of those who made sure we could still be here. Tell me why is it easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of this inequality; apocalypse nightmares of Hollywood movies. Instead, I dare you dream of utopia with me - No more aristocracy, or first world hypocrisy we’d get rid of austerity, then maybe we could all be free. Keep on fighting, keep on looking for a future that isn’t polluted with their poison and divisive politics THERE’S NOTHING BROKEN THAT WE CANNOT FIX!


Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way, there are too many of you to name - you know who you are! Diolch!

‘How Far?’ is dedicated to the memory of Anna Campbell and Sarah Hegazi.


released October 2, 2020

All songs written and performed
by Efa Supertramp

Recorded, Produced + Mixed by Nick Ronin
Mastering by Matt at MOA Mastering
Artwork by Joe Baines Jackson @potatws

Backing vocals on ‘The Scars’ and intro on ‘Apocalyptic Love Song’ by Nick Ronin
Backing vocals on ‘Prosecco Punx’ by Sage Against The Machine


all rights reserved


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